Initiated June 2007

This and that about Bob Cobbing

To the degree that I have time, I intend to use this section of my website to collate anything and everything that I have or know about Bob Cobbing which might be of interest to other people

At the time of writing these two sentences, this section consists only of these two sentences. But it will grow; and I am sure that, no matter how much time I have, I shall not get to the end of it

Newspaper cuttings: from Observer 11 June 1967, Listener 8th June 1967 and Radio Times 22nd June 1967

Newspaper cuttings: from City Limits 22nd April 1983 and 25th February 1983

Newspaper cuttings: from City Limits February 25th 1983

Newspaper cuttings: from Tines Higher Education Supplement 23rd February 1973

Photo: Cobbing and Fencott

Poster advertising Birdyak